My name is Sean McCabe. I run a brand called seanwes. It all started with hand lettering. The short version is I spent 9,000 hours practicing a skill, got to the point where I was working with large clients, charging five-figure rates, and selling physical products with my own designs and shipping out orders every single day. As well as this was going, the vast majority of my audience wanted to learn how to do what I did! I launched a course teaching people how to make a living as a hand lettering artist. It made six figures in the first three days. The next year, I did it again: Learn Lettering 2.0 also made six figures—this time in 26 hours. I’ve gone on to teach many different courses on varying topics related to business and repeatedly achieving five and six-figure launches again and again with my systematized approach. As much as I enjoyed design, what I’ve found I enjoy most is helping other people make a living from work that fulfills them.