OpenAI Responses vs. Google Agent Assist

OpenAI and Google Agent Assist are both powerful AI tools offered by Talkative - but which is best for your business?

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Want to learn more about the differences between OpenAI and Google Agent Assist capabilities? The rest of this article will give you what you need. Better yet, get in touch today, and we’ll show you what Talkative’s Consultative Service Platform can do for you.

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OpenAI Responses

OpenAI is a leading AI research and deployment company responsible for the creation of ChatGPT.

As a feature of the Talkative platform, you can use OpenAI technology to enjoy real-time, AI-generated response suggestions during chat interactions with customers.

When it comes to setting up our OpenAI Responses, there are two options:

  1. Standard (untrained) model - When enabled, the standard model will automatically generate a selection of response suggestions based solely on the customer’s message and information from the current conversation. This is a great option if you want to get started with OpenAI immediately as the setup required is minimal.
  2. Trained model - Once set up, a trained OpenAI model will automatically learn from your previous interactions and generate responses based on this historical data as well as the current conversation. With a trained model, the response suggestions are more relevant and tailored to your brand.

You also have the option to create multiple OpenAI models for different purposes. 

For example, you could have one model specifically trained for your sales chat queue and another one for customer support. This will make the response suggestions even more relevant and helpful for your agents.

Whichever model/s you choose to implement, the key benefit of OpenAI responses is that they can be configured quickly and with ease - even if you opt for a trained model. 

Google Agent Assist

Google Agent Assist is an AI-powered tool that provides real-time guidance, suggestions, and recommendations during chat interactions with customers.

With Talkative, you can integrate with Google Agent Assist and use it to help your agents provide exceptional customer support more efficiently.

It works by using your website knowledge base and/or previous interaction transcripts to provide a selection of relevant response recommendations for each customer message. 

Unlike OpenAI Responses, Agent Assist provides four different types of response recommendations:

  1. Article suggestions - A link to a relevant article or knowledge base document is provided, which can then be shared with the customer as a resource to help them resolve their query.
  2. FAQ Assist - If a customer asks an FAQ, the answer is automatically imported from your website and appears as a response suggestion.
  3. Smart Reply - When trained with previous interactions, Agent Assist can offer AI-generated responses based on the current conversation and historical data (similar to OpenAI response suggestions).
  4. Virtual Agent responses - Agent Assist assesses how your existing chatbot or virtual agent would reply to the customer’s message and suggests this answer as a possible response.

With Agent Assist, there’s also a range of settings that can be configured, including which response types you wish to use and the maximum number of suggestions provided. 

The obvious benefit here is that Google Agent Assist offers more variety in terms of the types of suggestions it provides and the customization options available.

However, there is a downside - the training and setup process for Agent Assist is more complex and time-consuming, especially if you want to utilize Smart Reply responses.

It also requires a significantly larger database than OpenAI Responses to be effective and additional costs to access Google Agent Assist may be applicable.

OpenAI vs Agent Assist: Which is right for your business?

It’s clear that both OpenAI Responses and Google Agent Assist can be valuable AI tools for digital customer service. 

Both of these technologies can improve contact center performance and empower your agents to provide better customer experiences.

Which is right for your brand depends on your individual requirements and priorities. 

If you’re looking for an innovative solution that can be set up fast and with minimum hassle, OpenAI is probably the best option for you.

It’s also the better choice for smaller or younger businesses that have less data to work with. In fact, the training process for OpenAI models only requires 1,000 previous interactions whereas Agent Assist needs at least 30,000. 

On the other hand, if you’re a larger organization looking for a more flexible and comprehensive AI tool, then Google Agent Assist may be the suitable choice - provided you’re willing to commit to a lengthier configuration process.

Either way, it’s important to emphasize that both of these technologies are fantastic tools to have in your arsenal as we transition into an age of AI-assisted customer communication. 

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Ultimately, the choice between OpenAI and Google Agent Assist comes down to your unique needs and goals.

Whatever you decide, Talkative can work with you to help create the best solution for your business or contact center.

So, if you want to see Talkative and our AI features in action, why not book a demo with us today? 

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