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Cobrowse with your customers alongside a chat or voice interaction. Designed for Salesforce Service Cloud® and Sales Cloud®, Talkative lets you connect like never before.

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Steer the customer journey with a Salesforce cobrowse integration

Cobrowse lets you securely share screens, click, draw, highlight, and more.

Available alongside live chat, video chat, voice calls, and more - all seamlessly integrated into your agents’ Salesforce environment.

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Looking to find the best Salesforce cobrowse integration? The rest of this article will tell you what you need. Better yet, get in touch today, and you’ll learn why you’re better off when you get Talkative.

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Natively cobrowse with your customers in Salesforce - without any downloads

Talkative’s cobrowse provides your customers with a truly immersive, collaborative online experience.

With tools like screen-sharing, clicking, scrolling, annotation, and more, your advisors can provide truly hands-on navigational support.

So, rather than leaving customers to struggle with the usual digital barriers they face, your agents can see, understand, and assist, all in real-time.

In turn, you can dramatically reduce average handling times and drive first-call resolution.

What’s more, your agents never have to leave Salesforce Service or Sales Cloud.

Nor are any downloads required for customers or advisors.

It means zero disruption for your team and a smooth digital experience for your customers.

With the power to seamlessly share navigation, annotate the page, fill out forms, direct customers to different website pages, and more - all within Salesforce - Talkative cobrowse turns customer obstacles into customer success.

Want to get started today? Claim your 14-day free trial to learn how Talkative can better connect your website and contact center. No credit card required.

Salesforce cobrowse features: what’s included?

Talkative’s Consultative Service Platform comes with a suite of intelligent contact channels as standard - including cobrowse, live chat, video chat, social media messaging, and more. 

It means you can pick and choose the most important digital channels for your business. 

With Talkative’s cobrowse, you can securely and seamlessly cobrowse with website visitors using our plug-in free solution. 

In turn, your agents can only see the customer’s current tab, not their desktop or other tabs.

Meanwhile, your agents can gain access to the following tools: 

  • Annotation
  • Mouse pointer 
  • Form-fill
  • Page visit history
  • Live page view
  • Show session info (e.g. basket contents)

How Talkative’s Salesforce cobrowse integration works

With Talkative, a contact agent can easily escalate from a chat, video, or voice interaction to cobrowse within the same session - without any downloads.

All it takes is a click of a button. Here’s how.

Engage at the exact right time

Want to offer cobrowse to your customers when it matters most?

With Talkative’s Salesforce cobrowse integration, you can set on-page parameters for your cobrowse widget to only appear at certain times or page locations.

These timed engagement nudges can attract customer attention when they need help most. 

Take problem pages in your customer journey, for instance. 

With Talkative, you can script a nudge, pop-up, or widget to appear and offer a helping hand. 

Meanwhile, you can offer more engagement channels from the same widget - channels that come as standard with Talkative’s cobrowse, including live chat, video chat, and more. 

It’s all part of Talkative’s omnichannel customer engagement solution, seamlessly integrated into your Salesforce environment and website. 

But how is this integration achieved?

Deep Salesforce integration

Salesforce Lightning Web Components allow a single pane of glass for agents to handle all interactions from a centralized dashboard.

This means your agents can get to work in the environment they know best. 

Meanwhile, they’ve got a powerful new channel to assist and serve your most valuable customers, with a huge range of tools at their disposal. 

Take the embedded queue and knowledge selector, for example. 

With no need to exit their Salesforce environment, your team can get to work fast, boost productivity, and maximize sales and service.

Safe and secure as standard

Talkative’s Salesforce cobrowse integration was built in compliance with regulations such as PCI, GDPR, and CCPA.

What’s more, the entire Talkative platform prioritizes data security and privacy for brands and customers alike.

It’s why our cobrowse masks sensitive customer data from advisors and only shows current website pages (no tabs, files, or other windows).

What’s more, with zero software downloads necessary, there’s no risk for the customer whatsoever.

And with granular permission sets, SSO/AD, and cobrowse session recording, you’ll have access to an end-to-end audit trail, always ensuring your compliance. 

Nevertheless, we wanted all organizations and customers to feel confident when using Talkative’s Salesforce cobrowse integration. 

Which brings us to our next point. 

Control a customizable feature set

Talkative’s Salesforce cobrowse integration comes with the ability to toggle on and off every single cobrowse feature.

It means you can create a customized, consistent, and secure experience for all your customers. At the same time, you can disable any features that don’t align with your goals. 

So, if your customers aren’t comfortable with sharing full-screen control, you can limit customers and agents to screen-share access instead. 

Experts in Salesforce cobrowse configuration

Our Salesforce experts work with you to identify how you can best tie together your website journey, your contact center, and your Salesforce implementation.

At the same time, we can identify the areas in which Talkative will help you improve customer engagement and contact center efficiency.

What’s more, we customize the Talkative UI and configure nudges to match your branding and website journey. 

All you need to do is copy/paste a code snippet into your website or tag management system.

From there, we work with you to ensure all workflows are optimally configured, making sure that your Salesforce cobrowse integration helps you attract and engage your most important customers. 

Turn Salesforce into an omnichannel engagement hub

Talkative’s cobrowse software enables you to guide digital navigation like no other channel. 

By assisting customers with their digital journey as if you were side-by-side, you can offer customer assistance when it’s needed most. 

At the same time, you can both increase efficiency and customer satisfaction. 

Instead of wasting time trying to describe a solution via phone or chat, you can show customers directly instead. 

Ultimately, to fully deliver a consultative service that sparks customer delight, Talkative provides you with more than any other Salesforce cobrowse solution. 

That’s because, with Talkative, you receive all the channels you need to turn your Salesforce cobrowse integration into a best-in-class customer experience

From enhanced live chat to social media, video chat, and click-to-call voice calling, Talkative allows you to turn your Salesforce environment into a fully-fledged inbound contact center. 

It’s why global organizations choose Talkative to engage and serve their most valuable customers.

You’re better off getting Talkative

Talkative’s Consultative Service channels empower your team to achieve astounding results, including:


positive approval rating from video chat customers.


increase in customer live chat interactions.


increase in average order value for video chat shoppers.

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Forget customer service software

Talkative’s Consultative Service Platform was built for every brand that wants to honor their high-value customers with a truly human digital experience.

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Pick and choose the channels that work for you

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Live Chat

Instantly engage customers with the most flexible platform available.

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Video Chat

See your customers smile with real time video interactions.

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Guide your customers on-screen as if you were side-by-side.

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Initially guide your customers and assist with common queries.

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Web Callbacks

Drive more inbound calls from your website.

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Social Messaging

SMS/MMS, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and more.

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