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Mitel video chat with Talkative

Specialize in selling high-value products or services?

Set yourself apart by delivering a bespoke video chat experience from your website, app, and social channels - all seamlessly integrated into Mitel.

It’s simple when you get Talkative.

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Looking to find the best way to offer video chat in Mitel? The rest of this article will give you the answers you need. Better yet, get in touch today to learn what a Mitel video chat integration can do for you.

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Why offer video chat in Mitel?

Countless organizations now use digital channels to connect with their online customers.

Whether via email, live chat, or social media, customers have become well-versed in using digital, text-based methods to communicate.

Nevertheless, when it comes to providing the best customer experience, there’s one key issue with text-based interactions: they lack the human element of a face-to-face conversation.

This lack of personal connection can create a difficult barrier for brands and organizations with a more complex sales and service process.

That’s where Talkative’s video chat comes in.

Integrating video chat into Mitel allows you to deliver real-time, face-to-face customer interactions.

Whether that’s via your website, app, or even social channels. 

In turn, video chat enables you to better connect with customers online.

And by creating a stronger, more human connection, you can enjoy the same benefits as other Talkative customers.

Take a 30% increase in order value, for instance.

Why the leap in sales and revenue?

Because contact centers that provide video calling capabilities combine the convenience and efficiency of digital communication with the human touch that customers crave.

And thanks to Talkative, Mitel customers can achieve just that: 

A human-centered digital experience that’s natively integrated into the environment your team knows so well.

How Talkative works inside Mitel

Talkative’s deep Mitel integration gives your agents a single pane of glass to work from.

Mitel’s ability to add webcam support for personalized interactions makes it easy for your team to offer instant real-time video chats - all within Mitel.

Additionally, Talkative’s Calendly integration allows customers to schedule video interactions in advance without contacting your organization first.

With Calendly embedded within your website or app, customers can self-serve and book their video chat ahead of time.

This is perfect if you want to offer as many video consultations as possible while avoiding long wait times. 

Furthermore - with the Talkative Google Chrome Extension - you can even offer video chat interactions to customers taking part in a regular Mitel phone interaction.

All you need to do is copy a link over to the customer, and they can instantly escalate from voice to video with a click - no additional downloads are required.

However you choose to offer Talkative’s video chat - via our built-in widget, Google Chrome Extension, or otherwise - Talkative gives you maximum video flexibility.

It means you can start offering a Mitel video chat experience in whatever way works best for you.

Talkative’s video chat for Mitel

With the benefits of integrating video chat into Mitel outlined, let’s dive deeper into Talkative’s functionality and use cases.

You can then identify the most critical video features for your specific needs.

Talkative: The original Consultative Service Platform

For organizations that have a more complex sales and service process, Talkative is the ultimate video chat solution.

As the original Consultative Service Platform - built specifically for brands with high-value but complex sales and service processes - our enhanced video chat is the headline contact channel within our platform.

It’s why so many global organizations choose Talkative to deliver real-time, face-to-face interactions with their most high-value customers:

We put high-spec video functionality at the core of the product. 

For instance, here are just a few features that come with Talkative’s most popular video chat packages:

  • One-to-one and multi-party video chat
  • Social media and chatbot integration
  • Virtual backgrounds and blurring
  • Video recording and monitoring
  • Video transcription
  • Video annotation and more.

All this alongside enhanced live chat and cobrowse - included as standard.

And with a complete set of engagement tools included - like pop-ups and nudges, for instance - your contact center can start making more personable and profitable interactions as soon as you’ve deployed.

Greet more customers with omnichannel video chat

As mentioned above, getting Talkative’s video chat doesn’t just give you video alone.

Alongside Talkative’s headline channel, the platform also boats an omnichannel suite of digital contact channels designed to humanize the customer journey.

With enhanced live chat, cobrowse, social media messaging, web calls, and more, Talkative was built to give you a solution that’ll help you solve any customer problem - all inside of Mitel.

It means you can meet more high-value customers via their favorite contact channels on your website, app, or social media.

Easy set-up with expert assistance

Talkative can be set up by anyone in minutes.

Even so, the Talkative Pro Services team can help you get the best out of your Mitel video chat integration.

From customizing the Talkative widget and UI to setting up nudges and alerts that attract more customers, we can work with you to create a genuinely unrivaled video chat experience - one that’s unique to your brand or organization.

Connect with your customers via video calling

By integrating video chat into your Mitel environment, your team can transform your digital customer experience overnight.

As a digital channel for sales and service, using video chat for customer service is growing in popularity for good reason.

With benefits including increased order value, faster AHTs, and higher CSAT scores, it can make a valuable addition to the way your contact center team connects with customers.

Of course, the best way to understand video chat's impact on your brand is to see the platform in action.

So, book your personalized demo with Talkative below.

We’ll show you the unique benefits of integrating Talkative with your Mitel contact center. 

You’re better off getting Talkative

Talkative’s Consultative Service channels empower your team to achieve astounding results, including:


positive approval rating from video chat customers.


increase in customer live chat interactions.


increase in average order value for video chat shoppers.

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Forget customer service software

Talkative’s Consultative Service Platform was built for every brand that wants to honor their high-value customers with a truly human digital experience.

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Pick and choose the channels that work for you

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Live Chat

Instantly engage customers with the most flexible platform available.

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Video Chat

See your customers smile with real time video interactions.

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Guide your customers on-screen as if you were side-by-side.

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Initially guide your customers and assist with common queries.

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Web Callbacks

Drive more inbound calls from your website.

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Social Messaging

SMS/MMS, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and more.

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