AI Virtual Agent Chatbot

February 9, 2022
AI-powered chatbot to act as a virtual agent before handing off to a live agent

While most customer queries require a human to respond, we've seen an increasing demand for chatbots as organisations look to deflect trivial queries and increase operational efficiency.

We've launched a virtual agent chatbot that can: 

  • Recognise "intents" from customer questions
  • Offer suggestions up to reduce interaction times
  • Respond with pre-approved responses
  • Hand-off to a live agent where appropriate
  • Be deployed quickly and cost effectively

Powered by Google, Talkative's chatbot can help you answer trivial questions by leveraging pre-approved answers.

Use "suggestion chips" to suggest answers

Website visitors can click on suggestion chips or enter free text, that will be matched to intents using Natural Language Processing (NLP).

The chatbot will match up the body of the message with "intents", which in turn can trigger text responses, further questions or "fulfilment".

The system can be set to transfer to a live agent queue if certain criteria are met, for example:

• the customer presses "speak to a human"

• the chatbot cannot understand the intent of the message

• if the chatbot has identified the right queue to transfer the customer to

Of course, when the human agent receives the chat, they can see the chatbot transcript. The user is also notified that they are now speaking to a new (human) agent.

Who is using the feature?

This feature is in the process of being rolled out to:

  • Help retailers answer "where is my order" questions
  • Reduce strain on contact centres with variable demand
  • Enable local government to save costs

How to use the feature?

Please contact Talkative to discuss configuring the chatbot.

How do we set up the feature?

Please contact to configure chatbot in your account.

You will need to create a new chatbot queue, and update your website scripts accordingly.

You will need to define how and when you want the chatbot to hand off to a live agent chat queue.

Enough about us. Let's hear about you.

If you want to offer your customers a more personable and profitable online journey, book your Talkative demo now.

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