Real Time Translation - Live Chat

June 29, 2022
Real time translation within live chat lets you handle 100+ languages in real time!

Many contact centres have to handle customer queries in multiple languages.

This is especially true for public sector organisations, international retailers and of course, travel companies.

Despite the need to assist with foreign language enquiries, or speak with customers whose first language is not English, it's often not possible or cost effective to staff a contact centre team with multiple language specialists.

To solve this problem, we developed our real time translation tool, which allows agents and supervisors to instantly translate their conversation into 100+ different languages.

What's more, we've recently added Translation Glossaries to our translation function too, meaning you can ensure your products and business name remain on brand whatever the interaction language!

One of the key benefits of having live chat as a customer contact channel is its accessibility.

Live chat enables instant response and support for customers regardless of their geographic location, completely free of charge.

Often, companies can support a 24/7 live chat on their website, through outsourced fulfilment or with their own contact centre shifts.

The real time translation tool makes communicating with foreign language website visitors as easy as speaking with English-speaking visitors (or your contact centre's native language), allowing you to offer helpful, tailored advice to anyone, at any time.

Talkative offers translation into 100+ languages in real-time by leveraging Google Translate.

This allows both the customer and the agent to type in their native languages and have a fluid, frictionless conversation without the need for additional third party tools or specialised team members.

Who is using the feature?

At Talkative, we have seen an increase in demand for translation from public sector organisations, particularly councils and local authority.

Some use language translation in  contact centres to communicate with diverse constituents, tourists, and residents through the Talkative live chat function available on their website.

This helps to encourage residents to communicate with their local council, and in turn helps local authorities understand issues, situations, provide information or answer questions much more effectively.

Live chat is an accessible contact channel for residents and also helps to alleviate pressure on local authority call centres, who receive very high volumes of calls per day.

Through live chat, simple and frequent requests can be handled quickly and efficiently whilst still providing human support to those who need it.

If necessary, chats can be escalated to a voice call within the same session, with the same agent or routed through to another agent or department.

Talkative's live chat has also been proven to lower contact centre resolution rates, increase customer satisfaction and boost overall contact centre efficiency, without the need for additional staff, resources or telephony systems.

How to use this feature?

To use the translation tool, the agent can simply slick on the Translate icon at the top of the chat interaction window after the first chat message has been received.

The system auto-detects the language based on the messages sent by the customer. All messages from now on will be translated.

Both the agent and the customer can continue to type in their native languages, with the appropriate translations running along the bottom of the original response.

Both the original text and the translation will be displayed clearly to the agent and the visitor.

Once the feature is enabled during a chat session, it will continue to run until it is disabled, or until the chat interaction comes to an end.

Full chat transcripts are stored within the system, inclusive of translations, and customers are able to export their chat interaction with the translations visible.

The agent can also manually override the autodetect option, if the selected language is incorrect.

How do we set up this feature?

Talkative customer scripts must be on version 1.18.1 or higher. If you are on an older version, simple update the CSS and JS file to be on 1.18.1 or higher.

Within the customer scripts you can choose whether to show only the translated messages, or both the translated and original messages. The default is that only the translated messages are shown.

Translation is disabled by default. A user with Account Holder permissions must enable the setting within the Company Manager section within Talkative Engage.

Agent language is set to English by default, please contact us to enable a different default language for your agents.

Enough about us. Let's hear about you.

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