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Never lose track of interactions ever again

Track the customer journey, monitor interactions, and analyze sentiment, feedback, and more. 

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All the details, zero searching 

Within each interaction log, Talkative gives you the most important information upfront.

From interaction times, handling records, tagging details, and so much more, all your interactions are easy to study, understand, and learn from. 

Capture a continuous view of the customer 

Talkative gives you and your agents real-time and historical data on current and previous interactions - including which channels they used and when.

It means you can analyze interactions, purchases, and customer feedback to assess the full context of their customer experience. 

Access all interactions with ease 

With the ability to filter by agent, group, interaction type, and more, Talkative’s Interaction Logs allow you to explore and analyze your team’s performance without getting lost in heaps of data. 

Map the customer journey in real-time

Alongside the above, Talkative’s Interaction Logs enable your agents to understand the current customer journey at a glance.

With up-to-date monitoring of their movement on your site and app - and the ability to view their current page - Talkative gives you the power of full customer context. 

Revisit chat transcripts, video recordings, and more 

Need to revisit a conversation to understand where something went right or wrong?

Talkative’s Interaction Logs give you everything you need to know - from live chat transcripts to video chat recordings to channel escalations. You can even copy and send transcripts to the customer or use them for training purposes. 

Get customer savvy with Sentiment Analysis Feedback 

While your interaction transcripts cover the nitty-gritty of every customer conversation, Talkative also allows you to study customer feedback and Sentiment Analysis with ease.

So, whether you’re looking to understand where an agent went wrong or celebrate them for a customer win, Talkative lets you get the full picture fast. 

Customize and record team and supervisor access 

From logging when the console is opened to logging viewed interactions and downloaded data, Talkative lets you stay on top of the access issues that matter most.

It means you can provide greater security for customers and stronger regulatory compliance. 

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