Real-Time Translation

Engage every customer in their native tongue

Let your team instantly converse with any customer in up to 100+ languages - without manually translating text.

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Instant live chat translation, zero language barriers 

Whether it’s sales, service, or support, Talkative’s automatic translation gives your live chat agents the ability to speak in 100+ languages.

It’ll decrease chat AHT and allow you to engage more chat customers than ever before. 

Chatbots that know precisely what to say 

Talkative’s intelligent chatbots come equipped with the same translation tools as standard.

It means you can triage common customer queries in whatever language your customer needs.

Then, when a live chat agent needs to take over, they can seamlessly continue the conversation in the same language. 

Edit translations to fit your goals

Want to preclude specific phrases or words from being translated? Want to make sure your brand or product names don’t get mangled mid-conversation?

Talkative’s Automatic Translation Glossaries let you pick and choose how translations work for you.

Become fluent on every social channel

Reach more customers than you ever thought possible.

With Talkative’s social media live chat and instant translation, you can speak to countless customers on countless channels from numerous countries - all without skipping a beat. 

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