Our mission is to embed customer
contact into online journeys

Talkative is a technology company that builds website-driven contact centre solutions. Organisations large and small use our software to drive digital sales and service by embedding contact centre interactions into website journeys

Shifting consumer demands

Voice calls still account for over two thirds of contact centre interactions, and most cost contact centres are still voice-centric, relying on-premise PBX systems as the primary contact channel.

However, 90% of consumers will visit a website or app before they make contact, with chat often the preferred contact option. Organisations continue to build out self-serve and digital user journeys, however traditional phone calls and contact centres are still fundamentally disconnected from websites and online user journeys.

This disconnection causes consumer frustration, inefficient contact centres and a lack of sales and marketing data.

Website driven contact centre

Our story

Talkative was founded to give organisations the tools to cope with the changing shifts in consumer behaviour, without having to rip out or replace existing workflows.

Our backers include Wesley Clover, whose Chairman Sir Terry Matthews has a track record of investing in cutting-edge communication technology companies. With over 40 years' experience in contact centres, Wesley Clover is backing Talkative to help organisations as their customer contact inevitably becomes almost increasingly website-driven.

Headquartered in Newport, UK, our growing team is continually enhancing an innovative and robust solution, with our trusted channel partnerships helping us to provide organisations of all sizes around the world with local support and a personal touch.

Bridging the gap

We help organisations to better connect with their own customers, and believe that organisations of all types benefit by having efficient, meaningful conversations with their digital customers.

We do this by connecting contact centres with websites. We believe website contact tools are only effective when truly integrated into existing workflows and infrastructure, whether that be your telephony system or CRM.

To reflect the modern consumer journey, Talkative enables contact centres to efficiently handle all contact channels and relate directly to website users, while giving digital marketing teams the control and insight to manage customer contact through the website.

Contact channels integrated with Mitel/Salesforce

Our approach

Web screens with plane
Website centric

We focus on contact centre interactions from the perspective of the online journey, embedding all customer interactions into websites, including chat, voice and video.

Technical partnerships

We invest in developing best-in-class integrations into CRM and telephony systems, and our most successful users leverage Talkative through existing workflows.

Customer focus

Customer pain points drive our product roadmap and we take pride in offering quick, personal service to our customers and to our extensive network of channel partners.

Meet the Board of Directors

Sara Hellon

Non-Executive Director

Sara is VP of Global Sales Operations at Mitel where she oversees global sales and channel partner initiatives.

Simon Gibson CBE


Simon is the CEO of Wesley Clover and Chairman of The Alacrity Foundation, having previously co-founded Ubiquity Software, a provider of SIP application servers, sold to Avaya for $144M.

Rod Price

Non-Executive Director

Rod is the Director of Affiliate Sales at Wesley Clover and has worked in various sales and operations positions within the telecoms and contact centre industry.

Felix Winstone

Executive Director and Founder

Felix is Managing Director at Talkative and is one of the founders. In his day to day role, Felix handles the company's finances, operations and works closely with the sales and marketing teams to build strong relationships. Felix is responsible for leading the team and strategy.

He loves working with an ambitious and talented team, who are making great waves into a fast-paced and dynamic market.

Jakub Srsen

Executive Director and Founder

Jakub is Technical Director at Talkative and is one of the founders. Jakub leads the product development side of the business, managing  the software development team that pioneers and improves Talkative's solution offering for new and existing customers.

A coder at heart, Jakub is passionate about the product and loves being part of a team which shares this passion.

A growing team of innovators

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