Microsoft Teams Live Chat, Video Chat, Chatbot, and More

Integrate a complete Consultative Service Platform into your brand’s Microsoft Teams infrastructure, providing a powerful customer sales and service experience from a single screen.

Transform Microsoft Teams into a Consultative Service Platform

Reinvent your website, app, and your Microsoft Teams framework into a truly unrivalled customer engagement solution.
Microsoft team live chat video interaction
Talkative and Microsoft teams presence sync and notification

Lose the distracting notifications with Presence Sync

Embed natively into Teams with synced presence, Teams native notifications, and embedded console.

Talking to a customer via live chat? Your Teams presence is automatically updated. Talking to a colleague via Teams? Talkative is updated too. It means fewer distractions, more focus, and a truly unified experience.

The contact channels your customers crave,
all inside Teams

Deploy your customers’ favourite channels without interrupting your teams’ favourite UC workflows.

video recorder
Video Chat

Video chat with your digital customers in Teams and offer embedded, on-demand video from your website or app.

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live chat message
Live Chat

Deliver expert advice over enhanced live chat with message previews, automatic translation, sentiment analysis, and more.

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laptop screen with arrow
Cobrowse & Screenshare

Securely and safely share screens, annotate, scroll, highlight, and type as if you were side-by-side with your customers.

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Web Calls

Go beyond your standard chat platform and complete the omnichannel experience by offering web calls, web callbacks, and inbound phone calls.

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AI-Powered Virtual Agent

Assist your live chat agents with an intelligent AI chatbot capable of offering 24/7 customer support and triage for your most common customer queries.

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messaging icon
Social Media Messaging

Meet your customers on their favourite social media networks and manage WhatsApp and SMS interactions - all within Teams’ single pane of glass.

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Get Microsoft Teams live chat with Talkative

Your customers are 4x more likely to make a purchase when you get Talkative. At the same time, 94% of customers rate the Talkative experience as positive. Discover how to achieve the same for your brand
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Engage with the most customisable chat widget on the market

Want to create an experience on your website or app that’s more than just your standard chat bubble or messaging tool?

When creating a unique chat widget for your brand, there’s no alternative to Talkative’s no-code chat designer.
Talkative customisable chat widget

Discover deep customer and advisor insights

Talkative wasn’t just built to provide your customers with the best digital experience. It was built to provide you with the most profound customer insights too.

Enhanced Engagement Tools

Trigger nudges based on URL and user behaviour, and use dynamic canned messages, message preview, and more to attract and engage.

Customer Context Insights

View your customers’ page-by-page journey, view basket contents, see the customer’s current page, and leverage cobrowsing to give advisors more power to both assist and convert.

Advanced Analytics & Reporting

Report building capabilities, a real-time and historical supervisor dashboard, customer sentiment analysis, Google Analytics integration, and more.

Complete Interaction Logs

Understand complete customer interactions from beginning to end - including previous visits, chatbot interactions, and advisor or channel escalations.

Powerful Supervisor Dashboards

Monitor all chat queues and brand advisor activity with powerful historical and contextual views.

Countless Integrations

Talkative integrates with countless CRM, Contact Centre, and Telephony Systems, including Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics 365, and Zapier.

Talkative and Teams Pricing

Pick your plan and start delivering a truly powerful Consultative Service Experience.



3 Users included

Additional users from $29/month

What’s included:

  • Video Chat

  • Live Chat

  • Screenshare & Cobrowse

  • Web Callbacks

  • Web Calling

Basic support



10 Users included

Additional users from $49/month

Everything in Team plus:

  • Chatbot

  • Live training

  • Social media messaging

  • Mobile App Integration

  • Video Recording

Business hours support


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Flexible licensing and contract options available

Everything in Business plus:

  • Custom integrations

  • Customer Success Manager

  • Contact Centre Integration 

  • Sentiment Analysis

  • Telephony Features 

24/7 Business support

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More than just a Microsoft Teams chat app.

To understand the power of getting Talkative with Teams, you’ll want to see the integration in action.

To do so, book your Talkative demo today. We’ll show you why more customers engage when you get Talkative.
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Talkative and Microsoft Teams: Live chat integration FAQs

What is Talkative?

From live chat to video chat to social media messaging - and every other channel in between - Talkative is a Consultative Service Platform built for brands that deliver a dedicated, consultative, and human customer experience online.

We give you the power to meet your customers wherever they are online, using whatever devices and workflows you want - from desktop advisors to in-store mobile agents.

In turn, you can demolish the barrier between your digital presence and your digital customers, meaning more conversations, conversions, and customer delight across your website, app, and social media channels.

Why use Teams for customer service and sales?

With Talkative's Consultative Service Platform, you can deploy the key channels you need to transform the digital customer journey on your website and app.

And as your agents never have to leave Teams or interrupt any workflows to use Talkative, you can start reaching more customers fast, without retraining your staff or suffering any lengthy deployments.

It’s one of the fastest ways to turn your team into Expert Consultative Advisors.

Why should your brand’s Teams setup integrate with Talkative?

When the team at Talkative set out to create a Microsoft Teams live chat integration, we wanted to achieve more than just a new addition to the Teams app store.

We wanted to create an unrivalled customer contact experience located seamlessly in your brand’s Teams framework.

It’s why we’ve included the full Talkative feature set inside Teams’ single pane of glass, including features like Presence Sync to ensure your new workflow runs as smoothly as possible.

What makes the Talkative integration different from other Teams app integrations?

Unlike other Teams integrations that feed the chat experience into a single Teams channel, integrating Talkative’s chat platform creates a dashboard overview for your brand to handle all customer interactions - including Presence Sync across both Teams and Talkative’s channels and unified notifications.

How does the Talkative no-code chat widget builder work?

Our no-code builder lets you refine every single aspect of your engagement window. Talkative lets you customise everything from images to videos, colour palettes to iconography, and structure to the overall style.

This sense of flexibility goes for the range of channels you can offer from that window too - from live chat to video to voice and more.

And the capabilities don’t end there. With automated customer-facing messages and intelligent engagement nudges built into the platform, Talkative is more than just a chat tool. It’s a customer attraction and engagement machine.

How does the Teams integration and deployment work?

Whether you serve your customers by desktop, app, or mobile, we’ll help you customise the Talkative UI and configure nudges to match your branding and website journey.

All you need to do is copy/paste a code snippet into your website or tag management system and make a few simple changes to your Teams configuration. From there, you’ll be getting Talkative with customers in no time at all.

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