Improve your public sector contact centre efficiency

Talkative allows you to provide improved and more efficient support to your residents or customers by maximising your existing contact centre resources

Offer web chat, web calling, video calling or cobrowse sessions to website users to solve their queries faster whilst reducing contact centre wait times

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Web chat, voice, video and cobrowse for public sector websites

Public sector organisations have to deal with extremely high volumes of enquiries on a daily basis. Proving support for a public sector community, whether that be residents, patients or students, can be particularly challenging due to the especially wide variety of needs they may be facing.

Being able to provide multiple channels such as live chat, web calling, video calls or cobrowsing sessions along with intuitive data and a feature-rich contact centre dashboard can make it much easier to deliver tailored, efficent support for each individual case.

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Digital contact channels

Handling concurrent chats

Learn how you can optimise your contact centre efficiency through concurrent chat management.

The Talkative solution enables agents to quickly route, accept and queue interactions to the correct agent or department. At the same time, agents can easily handle multiple customer enquiries through the console.

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Key public sector functionality

  • Remove language barriers with Instant Language Translation into 96 languages
  • Improve accessibility for hard of hearing through video calling
  • See the callers’ journey through your website, prior to starting the conversation
  • Escalate live chats into web calls, video calls or cobrowsing sessions where appropriate

Benefits of WebRTC

  • Automatic routing of calls through existing telephone systems
  • No need to buy in new telephony systems
  • Users do not need to download plugins or sign-in to use the software
  • Receive more data on your customers website journey, prior to them initiating a call with you
What is WebRTC?
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Video chat integrated with Mitel

Contact Centre Integration

  • You an use Talkative as a standalone product which can be connected to you telephony setup, allowing you to make and receive inbound calls through the website. Or, you can integrate into leading contact centre systems and CRMs such as Mitel and Salesforce.
  • Leverage unified queueing, reporting and agent management
  • Improve first-call resolution rates through personalised conversations
  • Escalate conversations to web calls, video calls or cobrowse sessions
  • Agents are able to make suitable suggestions based on the customers website journey
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