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Take your customer service to new heights by embedding voice, video, live web chat and cobrowsing directly into your website

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The Talkative solution is incredibly popular among automotive dealerships because of the unique functionality and service we are able to provide, including:

Our flexible fulfillment offering

Many dealerships understand the benefits of live chat, but simply don't have the resources available to manage it properly. With Talkative, you have the ability to outsource your chats on a full or part time basis.

A team of dedicated, UK-based automotive specialists is able to manage live chats and pass leads directly to your sales team, helping you to maximise conversions and increase sales.

Web calls, video and cobrowse

Easily escalate chat interactions to voice, video or cobrowse sessions at the click of a button.

Transform your website into a virtual showroom, allowing consultants to show customers around vehicles and offer in-depth consultations as if they were in person.

With interactions logged and stored within the system and the ability to integrate into your CRM systems, you can streamline your sales process and improve contact centre efficiency.

Highly tailored website interface

Talkative offers a highly customisable user interface to match your existing website and branding. As well as this, the UI is embedded directly into the website, enabling an uninterrupted browsing experience as they chat to your advisors.

More than just live chat for automotive

The way people research and buy cars is changing

For the first time ever, more people go online to research their next vehicle than are walking into dealerships. Automotive companies therefore need to adopt new strategies to entice their digital audience, and provide the same high quality service to both their online and offline customers.  

Many dealerships are using live web chat to bridge the gap. Live chat can transform your customer’s online journey as the agent can communicate directly with the customer, offering them personalised and in-depth assistance from the comfort of their own home.  

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Digital contact channels

Lead generation and conversion

  • Escalate conversations from live chat to voice and video

  • Customer's website journey is logged and displayed to agents

  • Seamless integration with your existing CRM system and all conversations are logged

    Intelligent call routing to make sure customers are directed to the most appropriate agents

    Keep your customers on your website instead of sending them offline

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Unsure if you can manage live chats in house? Learn more about Automotive Chat Fulfillment

Optional chat fulfilment

  • With teams of UK based automotive specialists available 24 hours a day, you never have to leave a customer’s question unanswered out of hours. With options available to outsource your live chat enquiries on a full time or part time basis, you can make sure you’re always in the driver’s seat.  

    Watch the video to discover the main pros and cons of outsourcing your automotive chats to decide whether this is right for your business.

Use as standalone or integrate with your existing systems

The Talkative solution allows you to manage all website interactions from our sophisticated Engage platform, enabling you to offer your customers a fast, efficient contact channel which also elevates their online experience.

You can also connect the Talkative Engage platform with your existing telephony or contact centre setup, such as Mitel or Salesforce Service Cloud, so your agents can manage all interactions in the same place.

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