Talkative: The Original Consultative Service Platform

For brands that value the human touch, Talkative helps you make every digital interaction both personable and profitable.

Forget customer service. Consultative Service is here.

With a full suite of engagement channels, Talkative’s Consultative Service Platform removes the digital barriers between you and your customers - from frustrating chatbots to passive channels like email and 0800 numbers.

It’s why customers are proven to spend 4x more when you get Talkative.
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Channels designed to attract, engage, and convert

video recorder
Video Chat

Video chat with your digital customers and offer embedded, on-demand video from your website or app.

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live chat message
Live Chat

Offer expert advice over enhanced live chat with message previews, automatic translation with reporting and glossaries, sentiment analysis, and more.

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laptop screen with arrow

Securely and safely share screens, annotate, scroll, highlight, and type as if you were side-by-side with your customers.  

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Web Calls

Go beyond your standard chat platform and complete the omnichannel experience by offering web calls, web callbacks, and inbound phone calls.

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AI Virtual Agent

Assist your live chat agents with an intelligent AI chatbot capable of offering 24/7 customer support and triage for your most common customer queries.

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messaging icon
Social Media

Meet your customers on their favorite social media networks and manage WhatsApp and SMS interactions - all within a single pane of glass.

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The results speak for themselves

Get started with Talkative's Consultative Service Platform and see how your brand can transform your customer communication.

reduction in chat abandonment rate
conversion rate from chat to sale
increase in enquiries
increase in video chat purchases
increase in average order value
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Human-to-human contact on the enterprise scale

At Talkative we’re well versed in getting global enterprise brands up and running without lengthy waits, exorbitant overheads, or never-ending email chains. We can do the same for you.

Talkative’s SSO logins mean your advisors can quickly adopt the platform as soon as you’ve deployed, and our range of integrations into CRM, Contact Center, and Back-Office Systems means connecting with Talkative is always straightforward - no matter what your brand’s size.

Built for brand and advisor versatility

Talkative’s no-code platform allows you to configure everything with ease. And with our mobile app integration and global infrastructure, your advisors can work in any situation or location imaginable too.

Office-based teams, work-at-home advisors, or even in-store consultants on the move - whatever your setup, Talkative gives you the power to deploy and support them all.
Microsoft team live chat video interaction
Talkative and Microsoft teams presence sync and notification

Fully customisable, fully on-brand

Forget your standard live chat bubbles designed around a few uninspiring templates. Instead, Talkative provides you with a no-code chat widget designer that’s the most customisable option on the market - and light as a feather to install too.

Make contact exactly when it counts

With the ability to customise your chat widget on a customer page and behaviour basis, you can engage your customers with the right channel at the most critical parts of the customer journey.

Couple this with Talkative’s range of intelligent nudge and engagement capabilities, and you’ll turn more website browsers into buying customers.
Microsoft team live chat video interaction
Talkative and Microsoft teams presence sync and notification

Make sure your customers are never kept waiting

Talkative’s intelligent routing and queuing system mean you can always make sure you’ve got advisors on hand to help your customers when it matters most. And with configurable queue caps and chat widget appearances based on advisor availability or configured business hours, your customers will always experience a seamless interaction.

Deep supervisor insights for maximum control

Help your advisors help more customers: with advanced reporting and analytics tools, Talkative helps you discover all you need to know to improve your Consultative Service offering.

Customer Context Insights

View your customers’ page-by-page journey, view basket contents, see the customer’s current page, and leverage cobrowsing to give advisors more power to both assist and convert.

Advanced Analytics & Reporting

Report building capabilities, a real-time and historical supervisor dashboard, customer sentiment analysis, Google Analytics integration, and more.

Complete Interaction Logs

Understand complete customer interactions from beginning to end - including previous visits, chatbot interactions, and advisor or channel escalations.

Powerful Supervisor Dashboards

Monitor your brand advisors' essential skills and areas for improvement with powerful historical and contextual views.

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Secure customer data, secure reputation

An engaging digital experience means nothing without data security. It’s why Talkative allows you to use our enterprise-grade data transfer to securely send data to your CRM or data warehouse.

And with SSO logins, two-factor authentication, and the ability to securely pass through customer details and identify logged-in users, you can rest assured that getting Talkative keeps your brand and your customers covered.
Microsoft team live chat video interaction
Talkative and Microsoft teams presence sync and notification

Tailormade deployments and assistance

Whatever your specifications, the Talkative team is always here to help you identify the smartest way of tying together your new Consultative Service channels with your brand’s website, app, and social media accounts.

Like your brand, we value the human touch most. That goes for Talkative’s Expert Product Advisors, as well as the wider team.

Flexible pricing to suit your brand

Pick your plan and start delivering a truly powerful Consultative Service Experience.



3 Users included

Additional users from $29/month

What’s included:

  • Video Chat

  • Live Chat

  • Screenshare & Cobrowse

  • Web Callbacks

  • Web Calling

Basic support



10 Users included

Additional users from $49/month

Everything in Team plus:

  • Chatbot

  • Live training

  • Social media messaging

  • Mobile App Integration

  • Video Recording

Business hours support


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Flexible licensing and contract options available

Everything in Business plus:

  • Custom integrations

  • Customer Success Manager

  • Contact Centre Integration 

  • Sentiment Analysis

  • Telephony Features 

24/7 Business support

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Discover the Consultative Service Experience

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